Michele Shenker, BA, H Dip Pers Man, has been involved in energy healing for 30 years, giving treatments and teaching various modalities to empower people to work on family and friends, as well as helping therapists acquire additional therapy forms to incorporate into their work. More recently she studied shamanic energy healing in the Inca tradition. With a view to enhancing health and wellbeing on a wider scale she makes availabe high-end active seating and inversion products for improving quality of life naturally and easily.


Engineer Josef Glöckl is the founder and Managing Director of aeris, Germany. He had a back problem combined with the good fortune of being married to an osteopath who was treating him daily to relieve the pain. But soon she realised her treatments could have no long-term benefit as long as Josef kept re-creating the problem by sitting all day at work. She inspired him to create an office chair that would help strengthen his back. His design was based on the action of the swiss ball, and his first chair was the swopper. aeris is dedicated to quality without compromise.


Engineer Roger Teeter is the founder of Teeter, USA. He suffered from serious back pain when he was a water-ski designer and competitor. The pain became so severe that he had to use a steel-reinforced brace for skiing. When a friend introduced him to inversion, he was pain-free for the first time. Impressed that the source of the problem was being addressed rather than the symptoms being masked, he devoted his life to developing products that allowed people to invert with ease in the comfort of their homes. Quality and comfort are prime considerations.