Your body needs movement to generate its life force and keep its systems flowing. We have the same physiology as our ancestors, except their lives were active, and we sit rigidly for hours a day. Our bodies are under-challenged and we are feeling the effects. Diseases like back pain, heart disease, diabetes and weight problems have been linked to passive sitting.

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Click for more info on active seating

Research shows that the amount of exercise most of us do is not enough to offset the harmful effects. "Why your desk job is slowly killing you", the title of an article in Mens Health on, summed it up in a quote by Marc Hamilton, Ph.D. “Even a sculpted six-pack can’t protect you from your chair”. It goes on to say that changes to your muscles and posture from sitting are so small that you won’t notice them at first. But in time they gradually become worse and harder to fix as your body adapts to that position.

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Active chairs give you freedom to move. They are flexible, and adapt and move with you.

Sitting on a traditional chair places uneven pressure on spinal discs, which can lead to degeneration. The constant motion of active sitting nourishes discs. 

Given the chance to move, your body is never static but subtly shifts and changes position constantly. The vertebral chain only works when the pelvis is in a state of unstable balance. 

the body naturally alternates between static and dynamic, tension and relaxation

As the body unconsciously changes position, it alternately loads and unloads areas of the musculo-skeletal system. Although any one of these positions would be detrimental if held for an extended period, the optimum posture is achieved by alternating them. The body automatically regulates this alternation of position.  (‘Haltungs- und Bewegungsförderung’, an association in Germany devoted to the optimisation of posture and movement).


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Ergonomically certified by various independent associations for back-health, quality and use of environmentally-body-friendly materials. They have won countless awards for innovation, design and function.


1200 swopper-users responded to a survey

90% have fewer back problems since using it.
98% wouldn’t want to be without it.
98% would recommend it to others.
aeris market research study, February 2012, response from 1207 swopper-users.


Benefits of active seating

what clients say

I’ve been working at desks for a couple decades now and have always found sitting for long periods of time quite stifling and boring. But that changed when I began sitting on a aeris stool, wow the experience totally changed for me – I found my self having so much fun and working my core all day, in fact everyone in the office was hoping I would go out more often so they could sit on it. I fully recommend the aeris stool for anyone working at a desk – it makes an amazing difference. John Sanei, Cape Town, March 2016

Great service and a super stool! I ordered the Swopper with wheels and received it more or less the next day. Very easy to put together, no screws, bolts or clips and all parts are of a very good quality. It has become fun to sit behind my computer as, instead of being stagnant in one position, one seems to be encouraged to move while at the same time keeping a good posture. On top of all that it has a very funky design. It wasn’t cheap, but certainly worth the money! Madeleine Harrisson, Perfect-Balance, Swellendam, January 2016

Email: I received my chair today, and I love it. Just by sitting on it for a few minutes I can feel how my lower back is really working. J.P, Midrand, January 2016


WHAT experts SAY

'Over the course of writing 17 books on Body Control Pilates I have experimented with countless ‘back‘ chairs.  Finally I have found one that enables me to fidget to my heart’s content while keeping my back in good alignment and pain-free... I cannot recommend the swopper highly enough. It actually makes working at the desk fun!'  Lynne Robinson, Co-founder of the Body Control Pilates Association, UK

'The swopper ... prevents incorrect posture and also premature muscle fatigue due to the constant switch between the spring-based imposing and relieving of pressure. This exercising action for the spinal muscles and the metabolism in the area of the intervertebral discs constitute a welcome preventative option in the fight against back pain.'  Dr. Kurt Tittel, M.D., Professor emeritus, Chairperson of the scientific advisory board to Germany's official 'A Healthy Back - A Better Life' forum

'The 'swopper' follows each movement of the body and at the same time encourages it to change its position. Thus the seat no longer arrests the human being’s natural impulse to move, but actually encourages it – continuously and effectively.'  Dr. Dieter Breithecker, Head of the German Federal Working Group for the Promotion of Posture and Movement, Wiesbaden


'The 'swopper' will energize and awaken your physiology as you move with incredible freedom while you sit! Motion is Emotion!'  Anthony Robbins, Motivational Trainer of Bill Clinton and André Agassi, USA

'Active-dynamic sitting assists in the prevention and treatment of back complaints.'   Dr Bernd Reinhardt, M.D., Orthopaedic surgeon, sports medicine specialist, spa physician, chiropractor in Bad Aibling, first chairperson of the Federal Association of German Back Schools

'The 'swopper' forces you to sit actively. You are continuously exercising your back, regardless of what you are doing: Reaching for the mouse or keyboard or the file folder, you have to keep your back muscles active all of the time. You don't even notice it while working. All in all, that is the healthiest way to sit.Dr. Michael Spitzbart, M.D., Germany

'As a neurophysiologist, I consider the swopper to be quite simply the most accomplished seating concept. It gets everything moving that therapists have been advising their pain-racked patients from a preventative-medical standpoint.'   Manfred Zimmermann, M.D., Physician and Engineer, Heidelberg, Germany

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