Sitting for hours a day has been linked to some serious health problems. The correct sitting posture is not a static position as we used to believe - it is dynamic posture natural to the body when free to move. Active sitting promotes health, vitality and mental acuity.

client comments on the swopper

'I found my self having so much fun and working my core all day.' John Sanei, Cape Town, March 2016.
'It has become fun to sit behind my computer as, instead of being stagnant in one position, one seems to be encouraged to move while at the same time keeping a good posture.' Madeleine Harrisson, Perfect-Balance, Swellendam, January 2016.
'Just by sitting on it for a few minutes I can feel how my lower back is really working.' J.P, Midrand, January 2016.



Gravity is one of the greatest aging factors. It pulls down on our body structures, and as they lose resilience our health and vitality are compromised. Reversing gravity for a few minutes a day decompresses, regenerates and revitalises the body-mind. 

‘The Backswing is a fantastic revolutionary piece of equipment that you can use daily to help alleviate and prevent backache...and it also improves posture. It is without a doubt one of the best and most important pieces of exercise equipment ever.’ Johnny Eagleton, Personal Trainer & Owner of Eagleton Fitness, Cape Town